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What Are Anthelios Sunscreens?

mexoryl sunscreens
Anthelios is a high end sunscreen product line of French cosmetics firm La Roche Posay. Anthelios sunscreens have been available in Canada and Europe for the last few years now. It still can be difficult to get in the USA but Anthelios has been approved by the respective governments’ drug agencies.

Anthelios is recommended by many dermatologists and other healthcare professionals it is now available to the USA.

What Makes Anthelios Unique?
La Roche Posay owns the right to the active ingredient Mexoryl (ecamsule) in their Anthelios brand. Mexoryl is a patented molecule that when combined with other sunscreen ingredients provides broad spectrum protection from BOTH UVA and UVB rays, a rarity among sunscreens. Most sunblock on the market only provide only one type of protection.

Multiple Formulations
Anthelios with Mexoryl comes in a range of different formulations. All sunscreens in the product line offer both UVA and UVB protection but options are provided that are geared towards:

  • moisturization
  • easy application
  • day or evening use
  • makeup base

Some popular products include:

Anthelios XL SPF60 - ultimate protection from damaging sun rays; Mexoryl SX, Mexory l XL, avobenzone, other unique sun filters gives you the ultimate SPF60 protection

Anthelios Lait - a nice light formulation that feels great on the skin

Anthelios S SPF30 - creamy formulation for everyday sun damage protection

Anthelios Spray - SPF30 convenient and fast application

Anthelios Face Stick - great for sports enthusiasts,lips, nose, ears, cheekbone protection in a handy stick that easily slips in your pocket

Check out the full line of Anthelios sunscreens on this page.

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