Epilyt Lotion Fights Dry Winter Skin

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If winter causes you to suffer with dry skin, then you’ll be interested to hear about Epilyt Lotion. Formulated with effective ingredients to help soothe irritated, red and itchy dry skin, Epilyt Lotion contains active ingredients in a special formulation that delivers results:

  • Lactic acid. This alpha hydroxy acid works to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells that sit on the skin’s surface leading to softer, smoother skin. In addition, lactic acid prepares the way for increased absorption of other active ingredients found in Epilyt Lotion.
  • Propylene Glycol. This humectant ingredient helps to attract moisture to skin. It has also been shown to help increase absorption of active ingredients into skin.
  • Glycerin. Another humectant, glycerin delivers much need moisture to dry, irritated skin. By increasing skin’s protective barrier, dryness and scaling are reduced.
  • Oleic acid helps to thicken the formulation and delivers emollient (moisturizing) properties to Epilyt Lotion.

Excellent used as an all over body moisturizer, Epilyt Lotion may be used on any part of the body that suffers from dryness including the hands, feet and legs. A winning addition to your winter skin care arsenal.

 Epilyt Lotion can be purchased online at PharmacyMix.com.


So You Have Dandruff - How To Beat The Flakes

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Many of us are only too familiar with dandruff – that scalp condition that presents with white flakes dotting our shoulders and clothing. Dandruff isn’t serious or contagious, but it can cause embarrassment and it may not be easy to eradicate.

Dandruff isn’t caused by dry skin, contrary to what many people think. It is a condition associated with seborrhea, which causes cells on the scalp to shed and turn over more often than normal. Under normal circumstances cells will shed and be replaced in about a month, but with seborrhea this process is speeded up. The skin cells mature much faster than normal. It can take as little as 10 to 15 days for this to happen, resulting in the dead skin cells, clumping and flaking that appears as dandruff.

A Fungus May Be Responsible

Malassezia furfur (also known as P. ovale) is a fungus that ‘s found on normal, healthy skin. It feeds on oil secreted by the sebaceous (oil producing glands). Generally P. ovale is not a problem, but certain circumstances, including illness, hormonal changes, stress, etc may cause an overgrowth in P. ovale leading to dandruff.

If P. ovale is the culprit and it very often is, then dandruff may respond to treatment with an anti-fungal shampoo. While zinc pyrithione does have mild anti-fungal action (it also helps to reduce the rate of skin cell turnover and provide exfoliating action), a more effective anti-fungal agent is ketoconazole. Ketoconazole may be found in an over the counter preparation such as Nizoral shampoo. Nizoral shampoo is available in both a 1% and 2% concentration, with the 2% delivering more efficacy.

Other ingredients including coal tar, salicylic acid and phenol can also be helpful in managing the symptoms. It takes time to find out the correct combination of products to manage the symptoms. Read more about managing dandruff here.


Green Cream Retinol Cream For Younger Looking Skin

If you’re looking at adding an effective treatment to your anti aging skin care regimen, then you may want to consider Green Cream retinol cream. Green Cream is a high potency retinoid treatment, which many skin care experts maintain are an essential component to any anti aging skin care routine.

Developed by a dermatologist, Green Cream contains retinol, which is widely categorized as a retinoid. Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and they can be found in a range of skin care preparations as retinol, retinyl palmitate and retinoic acid. Retinol and retinyl palmitate are converted to retinoic acid, the active form of Vitamin A. It is the form of Vitamin A that exerts its action at the skin cells. 

What Can Green Cream Do?
Retinoids, as found in Green Cream, are used in skin care preparations to help with a range of skin care conditions:
· Reverse sun damage
· Combat against wrinkles and fine lines.
· Treat of acne
· Treat pigmentation disorders such as melasma and solar lentigos

The result for users is a younger looking, smoother and more luminous skin.

How Does Green Cream Work?

The retinol in Green Cream breaks down into retinoic acid upon application to skin. Once absorbed, it encourages skin cells to communicate and function normally, a process that is often disrupted during the natural aging process. Green Cream also works to:
· Increase cell turnover in the top layer of skin (epidermis). The production of new skin cells causes skin to look brighter and smoother
· Stimulate collagen production which leads to the appearance of smoother and plumper skin
· Reduce pigmentation associated with sun damage
· Shrink oil glands which can reduce pore size and diminish scars. It may be helpful in the treatment of acne.
· Fight against free radicals due to its antioxidant ability. 

Green Cream is available in 3 different concentrations to suit the needs of all skin types. It makes an excellent alternative to prescription retinoids, which can sometimes be too harsh for some skin types. The special formulation of Green Cream helps to reduce the incidence of side effects – redness, drying and flaking – commonly experienced by individuals using retinoid products. Lastly, since retinol is susceptible to degradation upon light and air exposure, Green Cream is packaged in an airless pump with opaque packaging to ensure its potency.

If you are looking for an active treatment to combat skin aging, then Green Cream might be right for you.