Epilyt Lotion Fights Dry Winter Skin

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If winter causes you to suffer with dry skin, then you’ll be interested to hear about Epilyt Lotion. Formulated with effective ingredients to help soothe irritated, red and itchy dry skin, Epilyt Lotion contains active ingredients in a special formulation that delivers results:

  • Lactic acid. This alpha hydroxy acid works to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells that sit on the skin’s surface leading to softer, smoother skin. In addition, lactic acid prepares the way for increased absorption of other active ingredients found in Epilyt Lotion.
  • Propylene Glycol. This humectant ingredient helps to attract moisture to skin. It has also¬†been shown to help increase absorption of active ingredients into skin.
  • Glycerin. Another humectant, glycerin delivers much need moisture to dry, irritated skin. By increasing skin’s protective barrier, dryness and scaling are reduced.
  • Oleic acid helps to thicken the formulation and delivers emollient (moisturizing) properties to Epilyt Lotion.

Excellent used as an all over body moisturizer, Epilyt Lotion may be used on any part of the body that suffers from dryness including the hands, feet and legs. A winning addition to your winter skin care arsenal.

 Epilyt Lotion can be purchased online at PharmacyMix.com.

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