Skin Moisturizers

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Skin Moisturizers

Essentially, skin moisturizers hold water in the outermost layer of skin. At the same time, they act as a temporary barrier, allowing damaged surface cells time to repair themselves.

Many moisturizers contain some combination of humectants and emollients, as well as other ingredients like sunscreen.

Components like alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acid and other products absorb water and hold moisture in the skin along with softening thickened skin or scaly skin.

These ingredients fill in the areas between the cells in the skin, replacing lipids and thus smoothing and lubricating rough skin. Emollients are either oil based or water based.

Products that include water and oil must contain one or more preservatives to help prevent bacterial contamination after the product is opened.

Additionally, moisturizers may include vitamins, minerals, sunscreens and plant extracts.

There is no one best moisturizer as the best product for you depends on your skin type, age and specific conditions like Rosacea or acne.

Here are some skin types:

normal skin: skin that is neither too dry or too oily
dry skin: oil based products work best for this skin type
oily skin: still needs protection addition, be sure to pick an oil-free, water-based product

Some skin moisturizers we recommend are:

La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV SPF30
Anthelios Lait with Mexoryl
La Roche Posay Effaclar Moisturizer

For more information check our 4 Steps To Great Skin: A Simple Routine For Busy Women!

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